Elvis Flashback with Hyundai

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“Well it’s one for the money, two for the show, eight for the car commercial….”

Back in 1999, VTVd ventured to South Africa¬†and included not one Elvis,¬†but eight, in a sunny location based shoot for the Hyundai Accent commercial ‘Great Buys of Our Time’. We’ve pulled a few location stills out of the dusty photo box (literally) to share and reminisce, as it’s not everyday you see eight Elvises (Elvii?!) shake their stuff around a giant guitar fountain monument is it? Or is it?

elvis blog 6
Elvis blog 4

They may have been on a break in these shots- but that doesn’t seem to stop ‘gold Elvis’ from busting out the moves between takes. Thanks to the folks at youtube we’re able to share the ad too, but be warned, 90’s music & 4:3 framing will make you feel old for up to 30seconds…


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